About the Brahma Kumaris

Brahma Kumaris is a worldwide spiritual movement that is dedicated to personal transformation and world renewal.

Founded in 1936, the organization has spread to more than 137 countries in 5 continents and has had a significant impact on all sections of society.

As an international NGO associated with the United Nations Department of Public Relations, Brahma Kumaris is committed to helping individuals transform themselves based on the understanding of their true, spiritual identity and connecting with the divine.

At Brahma Kumaris, we believe that each person has an innate ability to connect with their inner self and that through meditation and spiritual reflection, individuals can achieve a state of inner peace and harmony.

Parasmani International Retreat Center

An Oasis of Peace and Spiritual Power.

Nestled amidst serene Sahyadri mountains and located in the beautiful hill station of Lonavala, the retreat center beckons weary souls with its tranquil embrace, offering solace and renewal in nature’s gentle whispers.

Established by Brahma Kumaris Mulund Sub Zone, Parasmani Retreat Center is spread over 2 acres of land and is a perfect place to relax, refresh and recharge your inner self.

Within its sacred walls, hearts find respite as time slows down, weaving a tapestry of self-discovery and serenity.

Escape to nature and immerse yourself in spiritual teachings and tranquility

Meaning of Parasmani

The name “Paras Mani”, which means “touchstone” or “philosopher’s stone” and “jewel” or “gem”, it’s possible to draw some connections to the programs and activities offered at Parasmani Retreat Center.

The “touchstone” or “philosopher’s stone” aspect of the name could be interpreted as a symbol of transformation or change.

This could be related to the retreat center’s focus on spiritual empowerment, which can help individuals transform their mental and emotional states for the better.

The “jewel” or “gem” aspect of the name could be seen as a symbol of inner beauty and potential. This could be connected to the retreat center’s emphasis on promoting personal growth and well-being, as well as their offering of cultural programs that promote the local culture and economy.

The name suggests the idea of transformation and the realization of one’s true potential, which aligns with the retreat center’s focus on promoting personal growth and well-being.

Our Mission

  • To offer spiritual services to thousands of people.
  • To help people achieve mental health and emotional well being for a stable life.
  • Follow the spiritual teachings of Brahma Kumaris.
  • Teach meditation, positive thinking and self transformation.
  • Exploration and renewal of inner powers.
  • To disconnect from the noise of daily life and reconnect with yourself.
  • Embark on a journey of self discovery, finding harmony, balance and inspiration.
  • To lead you to the path of self realization and experience true happiness and contentment.
  • To connect with our inner selves and the divine, we can overcome the challenges of life and find true peace and happiness.


Construction Updates

As of 1st December 2023, below is the construction update:

1. Building No. 1 – Basement, Underground water tank, 1st Floor Columns, Lift Wall and Auditorium Slab casting is completed.
Formwork & Reinforcement of the 1st floor top slab is in progress.

2. Building No. 2 – RCC work of all 4 floors completed, Overhead water tank completed, Internal & External Plaster completed. Waterproofing, Internal Plumbing & Electrical work is in progress.


Courses and Retreats

Parasmani Retreat Center offers a variety of courses, retreats, seminars and workshops to cater to diverse needs and interests.

Some of our popular programs include:

Other Activities

At Parasmani Retreat Center, we offer a range of programs and activities that promote mental health and emotional well-being, which can have a ripple effect on the wider community. We also conduct activities to keep you entertained during your stay

The retreat center activities include

Find friends & loved ones in our center



Site visit to under construction Parasmani International Retreat Center, Lonavala and Bhatti.
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